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Touch is the forgotten language of love - it has a healing power that opens the doors for your body to release… In this work we use the magic of touch, massage as a way to explore the deeper aspects of our being. It is a holistic approach, embracing the physical sensing world of the body, our emotional felt experiences and our beingness.

  • Rebalancing Bodywork - Shoulder Massage - exploring the scapula
  • Rebalancing Bodywork - Using gentle movement to release the shoulder
  • Rebalancing Bodywork - Slowly articulating the arm releases the holding
  • Rebalancing Bodywork - Touching the neck and trapezius

Touch is the language of the body and is wonderfull ! It relaxes us as it connects us to ourselves and our surroundings. Amazingly, the nervous system self regulates just from the warmth of a hug! Silence of Touch takes bodywork into the dimension of consciousness and meditation, using the body as the doorway to the natural intelligence of our being. It is an exploration of love, that mysterious energy which fuels life - accepting and embracing what is, letting go of the fighting and struggle - trusting life and letting go into its flow. Osho ́s vision of a whole man is what gives Rebalancing its direction and makes it so unique. It is a gift from a modern day buddha.

Touch is a gift from existence - and more and more, people in the Humanistic Sciences are becoming aware of it and its potential to heal, to realign and harmonise the human energy field …..

Silence of Touch Rebalancing Training



This Rebalancing Training is a holistic approach to the human energy field that combines the body, the inner being and its psychological content. In this training we lay a foundation for understanding how Massage and deep tissue work can help others. The body mirrors and reflects our life and our inner world intimately. Feelings, emotions and our life experiences are memorised in the cells of our bodies. Self-exploration is a profound part of this training - looking at ourselves and the life our body has lived with curiosity and depth in the understanding that the body is a reflection of it all. We have to know and understand ourselves before we can be a support for others.
This 35 day training includes Deep Tissue Massage techniques, Joint Release, Conscious Touch, Osho’s meditation`s, Perceptive Body-Readings and Holistic Counselling. We will work through the body in sections, exploring Functional Anatomy, Awareness through Movement and the psychological associations we have with different areas of our body. Anu ́s teaching contains bodywork at great depth. It is suitable for experienced bodyworkers, who are looking to rediscover working with the body in a new way and want to expand in their work. This training is also suitable for people who want to go deeper into working with themselves, or explore themselves in a new way. And is for people who are simply attracted by the magic of touch!


Dear Gyana, dear Anu, I feel very gifted, with everything I was allowed to learn and experience. It is a wonderful work that touches me a lot in its many levels. And if I look at it, Anu, I get the impression that you have already come into the world and your hands were exactly meant or it. The dedication, love, depth and ease with which the movements flow from your hands are incredibly beautiful. Likewise, you both touched me, with your nature and the way you teach and hold the room. I've seen so many trainings and seminars, but I've never met a presence like you have with each other. The awareness of everything in and around the room, the affectionate clarity and truthfulness, and the presence with which you meet and lead us at a respectful eye level is beautiful. And I have always felt that the space of female and male power and love is equally perceived and held. Even through your translations, dear Gyana, Anu's words have still enriched my feminine energy, heart, and knowledge so that it could come to me in every part. I think you are wonderful together. I know the Training will be a gift for me and I will learn a lot from you, about the bodywork as well as about humanity and love. In deep appreciation and gratitude, Nicole

Joint Release demo by Anu Cain

A short clip taken from the training….

Music by Prem Joshua

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